Published on October 14, 2011, by in Gardening, Lifestyle.

It’s great to have fresh home grown vegetables and fruits.

Now that number 2, has settled down a bit (has a bit of a day routine), I have been able to get out into my garden again.

What a jungle?!

The glasshouse was covered moss and lichen. There were old bags of half used potting mix, compost bags and cracked plastic containers lying around.  There were also a couple of shattered window panes, from the storm a few months back.

The vegie plot was overgrown with weeds.

One of the many things I have learned (having two young kids), it is to have a plan and working fast. None of this faffing about (like I would used to before the boys). I find that I get so much more done nowadays, in the garden.

At the moment, I find it a bit of a mission to get to our local plant nursery, to get the usual compost, bark mulch etc –  so I order it online from (who offer free delivery and also stacks them neatly in your garden).Yes, it is as the link suggests, it is ZOO DOO - turning zoo waste into quality compost :) .

My eldest has been ‘helping’ me in the garden while his brother naps. This has become our ‘alone together’ time. He loves being out in the garden helping me dig, plant,water the plants and occasionally wondering off to play with the dog or ride on his trike.

So far ‘we’ have planted runner beans, perpetual spinach, potatoes, beetroots, broccoli, and lettuce in the vegie plot. ‘We’ also have 4 heritage tomatoes and 10 strawberry plants growing in the glasshouse.

The hybridberry is also doing well outside (I am attempting to train it to grow along the garden wall).

Thought, it would be cool for the kids to pick berries and tomatoes from their own garden.

There is still a fair bit to do but at least, the veg and fruits are well on their way.