Published on March 27, 2010, by in Lifestyle.

I started using Affordable Organix (an organic fruit and vegetable delivery service) after starting back at work part time, and finding it difficult to find the time to keep our kitchen stocked.  I only ever make my own baby food, so the idea of having fresh organic produce delivered weekly to our front door sounded like a perfect idea for us and baby.  A friend recommended Affordable Organix, and I have to say I have been thrilled by their friendly customer service to the awesome fruits and vegetables they provide . The produce is even better (tasting and looking) than the ‘normal’, something I wasn’t expecting.

Affordable Organix are a small family run business who source organic produce from farms around the country.  Orders are emailed through weekly to the very personable Gerry.  The company sends clients a montly list of seasonal fruit and veg which are included in the different ‘vegie box’ options.  I usually order the ‘small boutique box’ ($36 including delivery), and find it ample enough for our family of 3 each week.  There is also the option of swapping up to 5 items in a box too, as well as ordering any additonal produce separately.  Organic chicken and beef mince are also often available to order.

If you would like to make an order, or have any questions regarding the service please email Gerry at Affordable Organix (Email:, 92 Scenic Drive – Titirangi – (09) 817-9318)