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Amelia Choo

Yes, this is a ‘mummy blog‘ for mums by mums (and dads), in New Zealand.

I am a first-time mum and loving it! I always thought I would be back to work after 6 months but when it came closer to the time of my return, I just couldn’t do it (not just yet anyway).

Married to an awesome guy (his head will swell when he reads this) and together with our son, a Border Collie and a 3-legged Burmese, we currently reside in a modest little home, on the North Shore. I have live in New Zealand, most of my life.

Though, I will be blogging from more of an Asian perspective, I hope this blog will be of use to mums and dads without the support of a coffee group. A place for you to express your thoughts and feelings or just your share ideas (no matter where you are from). There is also a podcast section in which I have roped in some of the lovely ladies from my coffee group, to chat about their prenatal and postnatal experiences.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Contributing mums

Aurelie Shmidt

Bonjour! I am the mum of two adorable little girls aged 2 and a half and 9 months old. Having children close in age was a wish of my husband and I and we were very blessed to be able to do it. I am a stay-at-home mum for the moment and plan to go back to work when the girls are a little older. I am very lucky to have had an amazing coffee group since the birth of my eldest to share all the experiences of becoming a parent. It can be tough as a new mum and dad and you can very easily feel isolated so hopefully this website can help other mums and dads out there!